Great Touring Experience of Breezy Beach Chennai

It was one of those times when you choose to go for a tour with your friends and age mates. Just as we all know, there is that crazy connection between age mates that triggers crazy and fanatic behaviors. We are all young and love fun and being happy. We are also very open with each other. And hence we can discuss and do anything and keep it as a top secret. This time we decided to go for a tour on Southern part of Asia to a great city known as Chennai. We really didn’t have much information about the city. But, we were sure of one thing, we will have fun and a great experience.

Since we were all “singles” we decided to hire the services of Chennai female escorts to spice up our tour. It didn’t take us long before we had all found what we were just looking for. We had a brief moment with the girls and explained to them that we were new to Chennai and didn’t know which way to take to enjoy the beautiful scenes of Chennai. They took over and took us to one of the most beautiful areas in Chennai known as Breezy Beach.

Great Touring Experience of Breezy Beach Chennai

The mystery of breezy beach

Just as the name implies, the breezy beach is an isolated beach in the neighborhood of Chennai. It is a cool place to spend great time with your friends and family. It is also a great place for a quiet picnic or a quick swim with your spouse. If you don’t have much time to spend at Breezy Beach make sure you get there at sunset to experience a breathtaking view of the beauty of nature. There are different group activities to do at Breezy Beach some of them being:


There are many local fishermen at Breezy Beach who find pleasure in teaching tourists how to fish at a small fee. This is especially fun if you are a group of many because you can decide to compete and see who learns fast and who is best at fishing than the other.

Great Touring Experience of Breezy Beach Chennai

Boat riding

Since this is a public beach, there is no particular entity controlling it. However, the local fishermen provide several facilities to make your visit to this beach interesting. One of these facilities is boat rides. The best time of visiting Breezy Beach would be between 6am to 7pm. Although this is among the best beaches in the city, it might not be an exciting one to take your kids.

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