How to Keep Your Escort Dealings Discreet

The world loves secrets. People go to great lengths to uncover other people’s secrets and misgivings. It is no wonder that great care is taken to cover certain secrets and lifestyle choices. As much as you would like to pretend that you don’t care what people think regarding how you conduct your life; there are things you are hard-pressed to keep under wraps. Your dealings with escorts are top on the list.

Many a great man have been brought down by scandals involving escorts. And that is just one side of the coin. The escorts themselves also like to maintain a degree of discretion about their job. So when we discuss discretion in the escort business, the burden lies with both parties. Escorts are very good at keeping their jobs separate from their family life. The clients, though, are the ones who need guidance on how to keep their activities a secret. Here are important practices to help clients keep their end of the deal.

How to Keep Your Escort Dealings Discreet

Guard your mobile devices with your life

Whether you are in the searching stage or the hiring stage, it is important to stay vigilant about the information you let remain on your devices. Keeping in mind that solicitation is illegal in most parts of the world, go the extra mile to be discreet. Delete your browser history or use a private browser feature, invest in a VPN and /or in Apps that are designed to keep details hidden, create strong passwords for your devices, and if necessary get a special secret device dedicated to conducting that kind of business.

Conduct escort encounters away from home

This may seem like an obvious point that should go without saying but evidence suggests it isn’t. According to information gathered from female escorts in Chennai, the sheer number of people caught red-handed with escorts in their marital homes is staggering. So here goes; don’t bring your escort into your home, especially if you have a family or run the risk of someone coming home at any time.

How to Keep Your Escort Dealings Discreet

Pay in cash only

As much as the escorts insist on cash payments only, sometimes clients are tempted to write cheques or pay via credit card. This is a mistake that leaves a paper trail tracing back to you. Prepare your cash in advance to avoid running around the last minute withdrawing copious amounts of money from strange ATMs. These and more pointers like not sharing information with friends or on social media, keeping the information you share with your escort need-to-know, and following the guidelines set by your escort will help keep your personal life and your public life separate. We are all entitled to our secrets, but it is also our responsibility to guard them.

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