Time Management Tips for an Independent Female Escort

They say with good planning you can accomplish virtually anything. With proper planning and diligence, you can slowly incorporate that escort job is all about the start. So how do you incorporate being an escort into your typical life? There are lots of people who have managed to do both. According to Dixie, an independent escort, start is the most difficult stage of working as an escort. The biggest asset you can have is good advice and proper pointers as to where to begin. Lucky for you, we have tips on how to get started.

Research, research, research

You have already made the decision to be an escort. The next step should be to do as much research on the job as possible. Lena, a female Chennai escort remembers when she first started out. There was so much she didn’t know and is grateful for some very helpful colleagues who showed her the ropes. Balancing two jobs is all about time management. Find out the peak hours of escorting and adjust your work hours to fit that schedule. Working as an escort doesn’t just take up the whole night; it has peak and off-peak hours.

Time Management Tips for an Independent Female Escort

Examine your current schedule

Take a keen look at your current schedule. You don’t want your new job to clash with your old job. Make sure you have free time to spare. If your 8-5 job runs late, you probably don’t have enough time to get started on escorting. Miya, an escort in Anna Nagar reveals that she eventually had to quit her day job because the hours were too unpredictable for her escorting schedule.

Create a good cover story

This is a step that should be accomplished before you ever see your first client. Pick a suitable work name with a good back story. Also, create a good cover story for your friends and family since it will be obvious you are doing something different with your life. Get advice from other escorts about how they balance their lives and how they keep both jobs separate.

Time Management Tips for an Independent Female Escort

Make sure there is time for you

Don’t let the new busy schedule swallow you in the process. Make sure you have time to decompress and reflect on your life. Mindy, an independent Marina Beach escort says there is no overestimating the importance of off-time. Having a double life can easily overwhelm you and so relaxation and reflection are important to maintaining sanity.

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